Sonos Beam – The smartest soundbar for your TV


Sonos hasn’t made a name for itself as one of the best in the wireless audio business by sitting around and doing nothing. They did it by releasing the sorts of products that competitors want to be when they grow up. And now it’s time for the most grown up product of the lot — the Sonos Beam.

Cool. Why?

Why indeed? What makes the Sonos Beam so special? Well, this TV soundbar from the leaders in wireless audio supports audio from streaming services, TVs, and films, can automagically pair with your smart television and remote control, features Amazon Alexa voice control and is also Apple Airplay compatible. Then there’s the Speech Enhancement feature that comes along to clean up mushy dialogue. You know the kind. We all do, sadly, but the Beam makes that far less of an issue.

Compact companion

The Beam has been designed to work best in small to medium-sized rooms, and has been built with space-saving in mind. It fits neatly underneath your TV set, but will also mount on a nearby wall using Sonos’ custom Beam wall mount. And it doesn’t have to be there alone. Sonos Beam slots into existing Sonos home setups, integrating speakers as they become available. Want to hear the rugby blaring in every room of the house? Throw in a bunch of other Sonos speakers and stash them in unexpected places. Why? Because you can.

Pump it up

The premium Beam soundbar incorporates four full-range woofers and a centre tweeter in order to harmonise low and high frequencies while you’re watching the latest MCEU film (or anything else, really). Dialogue enhancements clear up any muddy speech and you can also watch TV late at night without mucking with the sleep patterns of users thanks to Night Sound, which cuts down on room-rumbling bass.

Instantly pair your remote and control your TV with your voice using HDMI ARC. Then you’ve got a few options for Beam control, including voice, Sonos’ app, Airplay, or a streaming service’s app. Spotify and friends all play as nicely with this soundbar as Alexa does. All told, the Beam supports 73 different music services — that’s before you connect it to your TV.

And you can turn the Sonos Beam into a fully-fledged home theatre system, without having wires mucking with your Feng Shui. Just connect extra speakers and a sub from Sonos, in much the same way you would a mass of Sonos One speakers for house-wide rugby commentary. Bam, instant home theatre system. Isn’t that worth turning up your audio quality standards for?

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