Light Start – Endgame earnings, William Gibson and Alien, Bill Nye, and Gemini Man


Avengers: Endgame made nearly all of the money on its opening weekend

So you want a new movie earnings benchmark, do you? Avengers: Endgame has one of those for you, in the shape of its opening weekend. How much money? Try $1.2 billion, worldwide, according to Variety. And that might not seem like a big deal. Several Marvel films have topped a billion dollars, after all. None have done it in a weekend. Not even Infinity War. Nor has any other motion picture released to date, meaning that Endgame is a record-breaker in more ways than one. If you haven’t crossed this one off the list, you might want to head out and snag a ticket. Sounds like everyone else already has.

Source: The Verge

William Gibson’s Alien script is being turned into an Audible audio drama

If you don’t know who William Gibson is, you’re not actually allowed into the Stuff offices — little-known fact. The cyberpunk author has done a lot of amazing things with words, including (famously) writing a script for a third Alien movie. It wasn’t filmed. But it hasn’t gone away. It was most recently turned into a comic by publisher Dark Horse and now it’s going to be something a little more… old school: an audio drama. Called Alien III, the audio drama is being made by Audible and it’s expected to drop on 30 May this year. If you must have this in your life (protip: you must have this in your life), then you can pre-order Alien III at the link below.

Source: Audible

Bill Nye the Science… Podcast? Yup, check out Science Rules! from mid-May

Bill Nye, if you’re of a certain age, was a television staple. Somehow managing to make educational programming fun, Nye has not been stagnant over the years. Most recently there was a Netflix series but now it’s time for something a little more mobile — Science Rules!, a podcast hosted by Bill Nye and dedicated to science. There will be various guest hosts and Nye will be taking calls from listeners to discuss the science they want to hear about. We doubt many locals will be awake when this one’s being recorded but at least you’ll be able to catch each podcast via Stitcher, Spotify, and Apple Music. Nye’s show kicks off from 16 May, so set a reminder or subscribe at the link below. You know you want to.

Source: Bill Nye Podcast

Will Smith faces off against himself in Gemini Man

Okay, so this movie is basically just Will Smith being Will Smith, against the only person who could out-Will Smith him: Will Smith. Coming across like a combination of iRobot and Looper, Gemini Man sees Smith vs. Smith in a battle to the death. Only one Smith is a younger, cloned version of the other one? Yeah, that sounds like it could get complicated. But it’s a handy way to see Will Smith The Elder take on Will Smith The Younger using guns, explosions, and motorcycles. And quips, obviously. Our main question is: Will they somehow team up and take down targets together? After all, two Will Smiths are better than one. Gemini Man is out from 11 October this year. Catch the trailer at the link below.

Source: Paramount Pictures (YouTube)


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