Take a terrifying look at DC Universe’s Swamp Thing in the first series teaser


We might have first seen it around 1 April but the upcoming DC series Swamp Thing is no joke. The first teaser video for the swamp monster-featuring show has dropped and it’s looking a whole lot like traditional horror fare. Suitably DC-flavoured, so there are grit, grime, and (probably) mothers named Martha everywhere.

Origin story

Swamp Thing (not to be confused with the music track of the same name) revolves around… well, a swamp. As well as series leads Abbey Arcane (played by Crystal Reed), a CDC doctor, and Alec Holland (Andy Bean), a scientist and (eventually) Swamp Thing, who are in the town of Houma, Louisiana to track the outbreak of a swamp-borne virus. Holland is ‘killed’, only to be resurrected as the titular Swamp Thing. Coming to terms with being a monster and an avatar of the Earth will make up at least some of the series’ plot. At least, that’s how we see things going, as DC have opted for the initial origin story here, it seems.

Not that you’ll see anything like that in the teaser trailer. There’s no actual dialogue, though there is a little screaming. Presentation of the whole Thing (heh) is a lot like the sort of horror movie where everyone dies. And we’re getting a serious Until Dawn vibe. Jump-cuts of stalking, weirdly-lit scenes, and general creepiness amongst the violence continue to set the tone. We’re not sure if Swamp Thing will be wall-to-wall horror but, right now, it sure feels like it. Pity most of us won’t be able to watch it at launch.

As with most of the new streaming services, DC Universe isn’t available anywhere except the United States at present. That might prove to be a little less of a problem if you implement a little VPN magic, however. Swamp Thing launches in the US on 31 May. Again, John Constantine (played by Matt Ryan) better show up. Because he’s a right bastard and deserves to be in this one.

Source: DC (YouTube)


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