Magnifico – A man built a PC out of pasta – because the internet


In parts of Italy, pasta is already the operating system, and now so is the hardware.

Okay, not really. But this dude decided it’d be a good idea to put some computer components in pasta and… no? He didn’t cook it? Probably a good thing. To be fair, YouTuber Laplanet Arts built a fairly solid computer chassis using nothing but uncooked pasta and hot glue.

The YouTuber filmed himself dismembering an old Acer Transformer convertible tablet, and used the internal components to power the piece of lasagna. The lasagna is made up of a variety of uncooked pasta and then glue, the ‘sauce’ that fills out the pasta pretender.

Laplanet Arts encountered a few technical difficulties when booting the saucy dish. Bespite being encased in pasta and hot glue, the PC was able to turn on, connect to his television, and even (partially) load a game or two. But as The Verge notes, even with those small victories, the PC still couldn’t overcome the tablet computer’s “aged specs” and its pasta/hot glue chassis to function as a usable PC. The machine generally struggled with even simple items like loading and streaming videos.

If you have 25 minutes to spare, check out the whole process in the video. We mainly learned that uncooked pasta is a pretty solid building material – even if it encases electric components. If you have a large enough glue gun, that is.

Source: The Verge


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