Get your Kauai fix on the go with its new app


If you’re a regular Kauai customer, you’ll likely know about the retailer’s loyalty programme that used to work with stickers. Unfortunately, those stickers are kinda worthless right now. But you know what? It’s been replaced by a dedicated app that offers more than just a loyalty programme.

Fresh and new

The new Kauai app gives users the ability to place an order online ahead of time, and just pop in to pick it up at the store. Payments can be made one of three ways — with a linked credit card, using the in-app wallet or cash back via the loyalty programme. You’ll have the option for ‘On my way’ which will ensure your order is ready within 10-20 minutes, or you can choose a specific time in the day to collect the order. Just not for the next day. You’ll have to make that decision tomorrow…

In terms of the loyalty programme, you’ll receive 2% cash back for any purchase made at Kauai (through the app or cash in-store) which will also earn you points. These points accumulate and dictate which points level you’re in, which in turn gives you different rewards. You’ll get a small coffee as a birthday reward on Green status for example, while Gold will receive a smoothie and Black will receive a small coffee and breakfast.

It’s hella smooth

Kauai decided to update its old platform to include the new m-commerce feature, to accommodate people who don’t necessarily have the time to sit and wait for an order. The app will also offer app users special promotions and suggestions based on their previous buying history. Also, stores will be marked as ‘offline’ during load shedding, so you don’t get caught out.

The app is available on Android and iOS. The first 10,000 downloads on each platform will be able to buy a small smoothie for R15 (hurry up, it’s already at 5,000 in total).


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