Disney+ launches in November this year, will cost R100pm


We’ve been expecting a late 2019 launch for Disney’s own streaming service, Disney+, for quite some time. Now Disney has made it official, with the service officially launching on 12 November this year. As for pricing, it’s going to cost just $6.99 (about R100) a month. But, before you get too excited, that launch date and pricing hasn’t been announced for South Africa. Yet.

We shouldn’t feel too left out, though. The launch is reserved for the States alone, meaning that nobody else is getting to play on launch day (unless you’ve got a VPN on that network of yours, we guess). But that doesn’t mean we can’t press our noses against the glass and daydream.

Wish upon a star

Disney+ will also have the option for an annual subscription, which will set viewers back $69.99 (R980) for the year. The service will be available through web browsers, smart TV apps, game consoles (as apps), and on mobile devices. Sounds like every other decent streaming service out there to us.

Disney’s service will allow for offline downloads, parental controls will be a thing, and there will be 4K HDR content on offer.

The service will look an awful lot like Netflix’s interface, based on the early images shown yesterday. The big difference will be star power, as subscribers will have access to all things Disney. Animation, Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar and National Geographic are all major drawcards and then there’s Disney’s catalogue to consider.

Several shows were also confirmed or elaborated upon. Some of them we were already aware of, like the shows involving Loki, and then Vision and Scarlet Witch from the Marvel Universe (called WandaVision), or the Monster’s Inc spinoffs. There’s something new on the Marvel front, with Falcon and the Winter Soldier getting a show together (please be a weird version of Perfect Strangers…) called Falcon and Winter Soldier. A Hawkeye series is also in the works and then there’s a little something for Simpsons fans — the Matt Groening animated show will stream exclusively on Disney’s service.

Source: The Verge


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