Sonos teams up with Ikea to create quirky furniture speakers


Sonos and Ikea have revealed a new range of speakers called Symfonisk that masquerade as furniture. Specifically a bookshelf, as well as a lamp. 

The range is very much in line with Ikea’s design style, being both practical and quirky. We know that South African’s aren’t necessarily familiar with Ikea furniture, but the Swedish company mostly stocks very easy-to-use yet unconventional furniture. Case in point: The rectangular Symfonisk speaker doubles as an actual bookshelf/bedside table, while the lamp version has a speaker as its base. Powered by Sonos, of course. 

It’s what’s on the inside that counts

In terms of specs, the Symfonisk lamp is comparable to the Sonos One in terms of power and sound quality, especially since it has drivers pointing in several directions for a 360° audio experience. Unfortunately, the lamp isn’t very chatty. There’s no support for Alexa, or other digital assistants.

The Symfonisk bookshelf speaker comes with brackets on the back so that you can mount it to a wall, and only features front-facing drivers. The company says that it’s sturdy enough to use as a shelf when mounted. You can also lie it down on a counter or stand it up vertically in a bookshelf for some stylishly-practical bookends

The pair have not fallen too far from the Sonos tree — both work with the Sonos app, and integrate with existing Sonos systems. They also have TruPlay technology that lets you custom tune the speakers so that they have optimal sound quality for the space they’re in.

As far as we know, the Ikea Symfonisk range will go on sale starting in August — but only in Europe and North America. We highly doubt SA will see them soon, but hey — maybe an import is in order?

Source: Sonos


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