Shop on FNB’s app with new e-commerce feature


First National Bank (FNB) has built its eBucks Shop into its mobile app, which allows FNB customers to buy anything from tech to appliances. The eBucks Shop was previously only accessible via a website. Now users will be able to track purchases and view order history in the native app environment, too, in addition to making purchases.

By creating an e-commerce store in its banking app, FNB says it provides customers with the added security of paying with FNB Pay. As an FNB (or RMB) customer, your account is already linked, which will negate the need to give banking/card info to a third party.

“Being at the forefront of innovation is always a focus for FNB, but it is also to help our customers by constantly finding solutions that improve the simplicity, convenience and safety of our banking ecosystem. Expanding the use of our banking platform to include the new shopping functionality is one of the different ways we are fulfilling our commitment by providing value and convenience as a money manager,” says Raj Makanjee, CEO of FNB Retail.

FNB will feature special offers on the platform to incentivise purchases through the app, like up to 40% off on selected products (though, umm, it used to do that on the website, too, so that sounds like pure marketing speak to us).

To access the eBucks Shop, you’ll need an existing eBucks account and to have the latest version of the FNB/RMB app. Log in to the FNB app on your smartphone, select the Shop now icon under eBucks Rewards and follow the prompts.


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