Huawei launches South African online store, P30 series pricing


Huawei South Africa revealed its official South African online store at its P30 series launch event this week, along with all the pricing for the new flagship range. The e-commerce platform is live now and has an inventory containing all of Huawei’s locally available products. That means everything from the brand new P30 Pro to its range of laptops, tablets, accessories and wearables, in one place.

Click, pay, unwrap

The store is owned and managed by Mustek Limited. This means that Huawei licenses the rights to sell and use its products to the South Africa distributor. The online outlet will function as Huawei’s official store in the country, and products can be bought directly from there. Any order over R500 will be delivered free of charge to your door (or office, grandma, or an undisclosed location, if your blesser is sending you a special gift) anywhere in the country. But when it comes to after-sales support, Huawei will handle any customer queries and returns itself.

Obviously, Huawei is marketing its new range of accessories that were announced this week along with the new flagship, the P30 Pro. This includes some audio equipment like the FreeLace, FreeBuds (R2,000) and the Mini Bluetooth Speaker (R1,000), the Watch GT range (R4,500 to 5,500), the M5 Lite tablet (R6,000), and the Matebook 13 (R22,000). This platform is perfect for customers who aren’t keen on a mobile contract — like us here at Stuff. This’ll allow those guys (read: us) to buy their (our) phones and accessories cash (er… cash).

Most of the newly announced products are already available for purchase from the online store. Whether it’s in stock though is another story. It seems the store has already sold out of some of the key products unveiled, in only a few hours. That might have something to do with the ongoing launch specials. If you wanted a few thousand rand off the P20 Pro, today’s your lucky day.  

What’ll it cost?

Huawei explained that, even though the company has established its own e-commerce store, it should not impact other online stores like Takealot. The company has built relationships with other retailers in South Africa and plans to keep on doing promotions with them. 

Here’s the official pricing for the new P30 devices on the Huawei store — the Huawei P30 Pro costs R19,000, the Huawei P30 costs R14,000, and the Huawei P30 Lite only R6,000. Huawei says that prices may differ at other retailers, which is likely why you can get the P30 Pro for a better price from Cellucity right now.


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