Borderlands 3 will kick bandits in the face from 13 September


Borderlands 3 is on the way, that’s something we already know. What we didn’t know for sure yet, was the launch date. But a certain mishap on 1 April gave us some idea… Anyhow, Gearbox Software has put to bed any speculation: Borderlands 3 lands on 13 September.

New friends with big guns

The loot-grabbing shooter will drop later this year on the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The only real surprise? Borderlands 3 for PC will be exclusive to the Epic Games Store for a while — till April 2020, in fact.

We also got some detail on the new faces in the game. The Dragon Ball-looking villains? That pair would be the Calypso Twins, though we don’t know a whole lot more than Twin = bad at this point.

The newly playable quartet? They’ve been named and explained, and they look like a mashup of previous classes. Moze is the Gunner, an assault-type with a mech named Iron Bear. Amara is a melee-focused Siren (first time we’ve seen one of those…), presumably with a buttload of elemental damage at her disposal. FL4K is a so-called Beastmaster. It’s like being a braai-master, except far more people get eaten. And then there’s Zane, a sneaky, rogue-type with gadgetry and the ability to hop in and out of combat. A bit like Borderlands 2‘s Zer0, then, minus the long gun specialisations.

Feeling special

The game’s various editions have also been revealed, though local availability has yet to turn up. There’s set to be a Standard Edition, which is the base game and nothing else. There’s also a more expensive Deluxe Edition, with various digital extras — mostly cosmetic. The Super Deluxe Edition adds in four DLC packs and a Butt Stallion weapon skin. It’s a diamond horse thing.

Last, but certainly not least, is the Diamond Loot Chest Collector’s Edition, which will set American buyers back about R3,600. That one’s got several physical items, including 10 character figures, several keychains, a replica of Sanctuary, a cloth map, several lithographs, and a Diamond Look Chest replica. That… might explain the price. Oh, and a Steelbox case for your physical disc. Plus all the digital stuff. Yay!

Even more Borderlands 3 information is expected when developer Gearbox hosts a gameplay reveal live stream on 1 May this year. We’ll be keeping an eye on that one as well.

Source: Gearbox Software


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