Canon’s taking a shot at something more instant with the IVY CLIQ, CLIQ+


When is an instant camera not an instant camera? Fuji’s Instax models are firmly rooted in the Polaroid days of yore but Canon’s got something a little more modern on the way. Called the Canon IVY CLIQ (or the IVY CLIQ+, if you’re feeling wealthy), these little image-spitting snappers are officially billed as “instant camera printers”.


And we can understand the term. Canon’s new compact instant cameras are basically digital snappers combined with portable photo printers. Meaning that you’re getting some fairly advanced camera hardware and a means to print the shots you like, rather than taking what you get from a Polaroid-style shooter, at least in the case of the CLIQ+. The smaller IVY CLIQ has a rocking a 5MP sensor and an f/2.2 lens, while the CLIQ+ has an 8MP sensor and a very similar 25.4mm f/2.2 lens. Both cameras have a selfie mirror, so you can make sure everyone’s in the shot before hitting the ‘snap’ button. #TeamThanos.

There’s some software trickery available before you hit print, though. The standard CLIQ doesn’t have this feature, leaving you to make a plan with the on-device options, but the CLIQ+ connects to Canon’s Canon Mini Print app to allow for filters, frames, and other goofy stuff that’ll look good magnetically attached to a fridge door. Or tucked into the edges of a mirror, if you’re old-school like that. It probably has lights around it, too. The mirror, not the photo.

The cameras take packs of 10 Zink (Zero Ink) photo sheets, which are not quite as high-end as Fuji’s own Instax sheets. But then, the camera system is a slightly different beast as well.

The only hitch? Canon hasn’t made any information known about a South African release. We’ve only seen American info so far and the IVY CLIQ and CLIQ+ will set you back $99 (a solid R1,400) and $159 (R2,300 or so) respectively in that country. That’s not far off from local Instax pricing — depending on what you buy, obvs. We can see Canon’s quick CLIQ contenders coming across competitive over here, is what we’re saying.

Source: Canon


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