Here’s a super-quick look at Xiaomi’s folding smartphone


Blink and you’ll miss it. We have another look at Xiaomi’s folding smartphone and it’s very, very quick. Just ten seconds, in fact, but that’s long enough for us to decide that we’re very impressed with whatever the Chinese company is up to.

But that might just be the brevity. We’ve only seen Xiaomi’s still-unnamed and unannounced folding phone in brief promotional videos, where it admittedly looks rather slick. But we’ve got no real idea how the screen — which folds more like a newspaper than a book — reacts to being flexed. But since we don’t even know its real name (though ‘Mi Fold’ seems to be the working title), that’s to be expected.

In the newest teaser (above), we get a speedy look at how the folding device’s UI responds to human interaction as well as to being folded. There’s some screen deformation when the two ends are folded in towards the centre rear, which evens out when the tablet becomes a phone again. There’s a substantial thickness through the middle of Xiaomi’s tech when in its folded form. It might be time for cargo pants to come back into style — just until they work out how to make folding smartphones skinny again.

Taken with the company’s super-fast Super Charge Turbo battery system, Xiaomi’s got some serious tech heading our way in the months to come. But, like the 17-minute battery charge, we’ve got no information when (or if) this folding smartphone is going to launch. We sincerely hope it does, just so we can fold the screen in and out a bunch of times. It looks like fun. The instant-ramen phone balancing, a little less so.

Source: Xiaomishka (YouTube)


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