Borderlands 3 confirmed and it’s looking like more of the same – just the way we wanted it


If you’re a fan of running and gunning, of shooting and looting, then you’re probably super-keen on the next instalment of the Borderlands series. Especially as Borderlands 3 has finally be confirmed by developers Gearbox. A short trailer dropped a mass of information about the upcoming sequel and it looks… almost like a massive expansion pack. There are familiar enemies and locations, more guns than you could possibly eat in a single lifetime, and an all-new cast of characters to look forward to.

New friends to shoot things with

Just what form those new characters will take isn’t explained but we’re in for an interesting set of abilities, including stuff that wouldn’t look out of place in Capcom’s Asura’s Wrath. We suspect you won’t be punching many planets in Gearbox’s shooter, though. We’re looking forward to a more detailed examination of the new characters (which seems to include Asura’s Wrath Lady, a Destiny 2 extra, a Weyland Yutani Marine and Gilderoy Lockhart). Thankfully, that should take place next week.

Continuity FTW

There may be a fresh quartet of player characters to contend with but the cast and crew of the two previous outings don’t lie forgotten. Like Borderlands 2, it seems that everyone’s been incorporated into the continuing storyline. Whatever that turns out to be. So the gang’s all here (except for those who didn’t make it — press F to pay respects). There’s also a whole lot that’s new. New enemies, new guns (okay, that one’s pretty easy to do here), new settings. And then there are guns with legs, fresh vehicles, and large mechs for players to stomp around and shoot things from.

The trailer (below) doesn’t give us any hints of the underlying story but it doesn’t have to. We’re guessing that there will be vaults, guns and weird locations, as well as an oddball cast of… everyone. If it immediately makes logical sense, it’s probably not supposed to be in a Borderlands game. We’re hoping for writing to equal Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep, one of the best pieces of additional gaming content ever committed to code. That’s a pretty high bar, though…

Playable platforms have yet to be announced but we’d be surprised if the PC, PS4, and the Xbox One are left out. The only really shocking thing would be if it was launched on Nintendo’s Switch. Or a battle royale mode, but we’re willing to bet there will be a mission inside Borderlands 3 that makes fun of those. Gearbox has a fuller-featured update coming next week, on 3 April. Stay tuned.

Source: Gearbox Software


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