Samsung puts its Galaxy Fold to the test… over and over again


If we didn’t know any better, we’d say that this video of Samsung’s Galaxy Fold smartphones being tested was part of a much longer video. A video involving some early-2000s band, possibly transformed into monkeys and singing about… well, you decide what they’re singing about. It’s got the same sort of vibe.

But… it is not to be. It may look like a duck and quack like a duck but it’s actually Samsung’s testing bench for the Galaxy Fold. Artfully shot, by someone who once did time at MTV perhaps, but still just a testing bench. No matter how the music makes you feel.

I fold

What we can see from the video is a whole lot of synchronised folding, the Fold’s display lighting up very, very quickly, and almost no creases in the screen. There are also several close-up shots of Samsung’s new hinge in operation. It looks plenty sturdy, which we’re very pleased to note. Perhaps the worst thing for a device with a folding display would be vertical movement between the two halves — essentially weakening the screen in a way it was never designed to handle. Samsung seems to have taken care of that with the Galaxy Fold, though.

The Galaxy Fold is set to launch from 26 April this year in the US and Europe. It’s coming to South Africa on 9 May. Overseas pricing (from $1980, or R29,000) is still all that’s available and is going to be a large barrier to entry given we’re expecting it to be well north of R35,000 when it gets here. We don’t see the Fold causing lines around the block but we do want to get our hands on one. As soon as possible, please.

Source: Samsung


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