Streets of Rage 4 takes us back to the arcade in newest teaser


It’s the sequel we never ever expected to see. Streets of Rage is returning after almost 25 years with Streets of Rage 4. We were mighty excited the hear that Dotemu is sending us back in time with Streets 4 and the newest teaser hasn’t changed things at all. In fact, we’ve gone from the old Sega consoles all the way back to the arcade. The kind that used to run on silver 20c pieces. You know the type.

The sound effects and chiptune er… tunes have a fair amount to do with our flashback to a time when we needed a crate to look at an arcade machine screen. Even if those sound effects are at odds with the revamped, smoother visuals. The animation looks to be on-point, even with the disclaimer that what’s onscreen is a work in progress, and it seems there’s the potential for some co-op enemy juggling as well. That could shake up the game’s combat mechanic (unless your playing partner sucks — hey, it happens).

Based on the main artwork (visible in the main image, the video thumbnail, or the closing seconds of the teaser), we’re in for more playable characters than just Axel Stone or Blaze Fielding. A hulking cyborg and a pretty-boy musician would be our best bet, going by the visible silhouette.

Unfortunately we don’t yet have a launch date for Streets of Rage 4. Nor are any platforms confirmed, but this one would absolutely rock on the Nintendo Switch. And the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, if you really must. But we wouldn’t kick an actual arcade machine out of bed either.

Source: Dotemu (YouTube)


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