Nintendo is reportedly planning two new Switch consoles for this year


Not to get prematurely excited, but the world might be two Nintendo Switch consoles richer sooner than you’d think. The Wall Street Journal has reported that we could see the new hardware from the Japanese company as soon as mid-2019

According to the reports, Nintendo is planning a smaller, ‘budget’ model, that might take after its older brother, the Nintendo 3DS. Along with this, we’ll get a higher-end model of the Switch, which will fall in line with other competitor consoles like Sony’s PS4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One. The reports claim that it won’t be as powerful as those consoles, so we’re still expecting it to be in the much-loved mobile format.

But, how could they know? Especially if these consoles have only been rumoured before? Well, the WSJ’s sources turn out to be parts suppliers, who have access to a prototype. Apparently Nintendo also plans on removing the HD Rumble controller vibration, as well as a few other features — to cut on costs. This would mean that only previous-gen and aftermarket controllers will likely have the shakes.

Other than that, the report doesn’t give us much to go on. The good news we can take from this, though, is that we’ll probably have two new Switches to look forward to, because Nintendo is apparently planning an official announcement at E3. Stay tuned…

Source: Kotaku and The Verge


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