Huawei accidentally confirms the upcoming P30 Pro’s specs along with a new Watch


The launch of Huawei’s upcoming flagship, the P30 Pro is so close we can almost taste it… Thanks to Huawei’s website department, we now know exactly what to expect. Because the company unknowingly (we hope) published the device’s specs on its own website on an event page. Oopsie.

Well-known leaker, Evan Blass, found an event teaser page on Huawei’s own official consumer website which has pretty much confirmed every single P30 Pro leak to date. The whole page shows off the phone in all its splendour. From the four camera sensors to the tear-drop notch in the almost-bezel-less display…

If that wasn’t enough, we now know that the P30 Pro will boast a 40MP “SuperSpectrum Sensor” primary camera, a 10x zoom periscope lens, ultra wide-angle lens, and a ToF (Time of Flight) camera on the rear-end of the phone.

Huawei is obviously focused on bringing the photography features this year (again), and the P30 Pro will feature improved low-light recording as well as something called “dual-view” video. This feature uses two of the rear cameras, one of which is the 10x zoom lens, to record different perspectives at the same time. We’re not sure how exactly this one will work from the leaked info. Hopefully it’ll be more useful than LG’s multi-camera-shots-in-one misfire from the V40 ThinQ.

There’s also a sneaky insert on the rumoured Watch GT Active. It seems we’re going to see new additions to the Watch GT line at next week’s announcement.

The leaky page has already been taken down, but someone archived it and it can be accessed over here. Sorry Huawei, but look at it this way, now we have more to look forward to now that we know what to look forward to. At least there are still some surprises to be had, including how many P30 models there’ll be, what colours they’ll come clad in and, of course, the R20k question: How much they’ll cost.

We’ll have all the details for you next week.

Source: The Verge


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