See the Galaxy Fold close up (including the crease) in new video


Samsung’s folding smartphone, the Galaxy Fold, has prompted more than a little talk. Most of this has been about the phone’s so-called crease, the central area of the phone where the actual display bends. The company has been going to great lengths to conceal the line down the middle of the screen. When the phone was revealed in February this year, Samsung didn’t actually allow folks to handle it. Promotional material has been shying away from showing the crease as well.

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That’s all changed. A hands-on video of the Galaxy Fold has been doing the rounds online and since Samsung hasn’t had a hand in it, we’re treated to an up-close, no holds barred look at the device. There’s a definite crease on the screen, one that is expected to become more prominent the older the phone gets. Samsung reckons it’ll only be noticeable after 200,000 folds, though other sources reckon that the Fold will er… fold after just 10,000 folds.

The video (above) may show off the crease — although a device not as new as this one may have a more pronounces crease — but it also gives us a good overview of how the phone handles. It looks a little bulky when it folds in half, and it’ll feel like 1997 all over again with a small brick in your pocket, but the screen transitions and usage all look like they’re going to work out just fine. The hinge also looks very solid indeed, making a satisfying thunk when the screen folds in on itself.

Whether it will be worth the expected R28,000 or so when it launches is unlikely, unless you’re a certified early adopter, but it’s still looking like a solid piece of hardware. We’d like a little hands-on time ourselves before forming a proper opinion. Still, crease or not, the Galaxy Fold should be an experience.

Source phoneoftime (YouTube) via SamMobile


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