Early April Fool’s joke? Activision reveals Call of Duty Mobile at GDC


Okay, okay, so there’s hasn’t been any sort of backlash against this new announcement (yet) but we had to take a shot at Activision. Especially after what happened during the announcement of Diablo Immortal. Acti has revealed Call of Duty Mobile, a smartphone-focused title designed to take on the likes of PUBG and Fortnite on Android and iOS. Because if those folks can release successful smartphone shooters, so can Activision. Right?

Small-scale combat

What we know is that Call of Duty Mobile will replicate the full-fat game in miniature. An early beta saw players rocking various multiplayer modes like Free4All, TDM, Search and Destroy, and even a single-player zombie mode, among others. Players will be able to play as iconic characters from the series, and there will be player and weapon customisation. We suspect that section (and others) will involve more than a little cash money in microtransactions.

There’s little detail on how the game will work money-wise which sounds about right for a title — even a mobile one — that’s still in beta. It’s being billed as free-to-download, which suggests that there will be some form of currency leaving someone’s pocket at some point. And Activision is all about its microtransactions, as any Call of Duty fan well knows. Whether we’re going to have to put down a payment in order to access maps, or whether the game will be wholly supported by cosmetic transactions isn’t known. We’re willing to bet that Activision will charge what the market will bear, though.

If you’re keen on getting your frags in while on the road (assuming you can keep your phone charged), you can pre-register for the game here. Activision has a few other beta programs planned before launch so you might get a foot in the door early if you sign up. The actual launch date? ‘Soon’.

Source: Activision via XDA Developers


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