Light Start – Apple Watch and your heart, Endgame, James Gunn returns, and battle royale (with cars)


Apple Watch’s heart-tracking subject of a (mostly successful) Stanford study

If you’re on the fence about the health benefits of Apple’s Watch and its fancy heart-tracking, Stanford Medicine might have the information that you need to knock you off. Safely, of course. Apple and Stanford conducted a study using over 400,000 Watch-wearing participants in the States. The result? Just 0.5% of those users received notifications about irregular heartbeat, which isn’t many at all. But most of those users were later confirmed to be experiencing episodes of atrial fibrillation and a great many of those users got themselves off to a doctor to have the issue checked out. And before you go thinking that you need a Series 4 Apple Watch for some heart-related early warning, no Series 4 devices were used in the study. Just Series 3 and earlier.

Source: Stanford Medicine via Apple

If you somehow missed the Avengers: Endgame trailer last week (because load-shedding? Maybe?), here it is

Even on deadline week at the Stuff offices, all work came to a halt last week when the new trailer for Avengers: Endgame dropped. Work didn’t resume until everyone had seen the blasted thing. It’s looking like a worthy followup to Infinity War, especially since it gives almost no hint as to how Endgame is going to go down. There’s just a lot of pain, loss, flashbacks, and determination. Which is a sensible reaction to Thanos blowing into town and then wiping out half of it. If you didn’t see this last week, you’ve made a mistake. Time to fix that. So what you really need to do with your morning is head on down to the link below and watch the trailer.

Source: Marvel (YouTube)

James Gunn returns to Disney for Guardians of the Galaxy 3

We have to say that this was unexpected but we’re kinda pleased that it’s happened. James Gunn, the mind and director behind the first two Guardians of the Galaxy films, has been rehired by Disney in order to make Guardians of the Galaxy 3. The news was first picked up by Deadline and The Hollywood Reporter before being confirmed by Gunn’s Twitter account. There are a couple of terms and conditions to the hire, though. Gunn’s currently working on the second Suicide Squad film for Warner Bros. (hopefully we’re going to get a more unified vision for this one). Once that one has been put to bed, he’ll be starting work on Guardians 3. Originally that one was slated for 2020 but it’s since been pushed back. A new release date hasn’t been announced yet.

Source: Deadline

Notmycar wants to be the first battle royale game where players only use vehicles

Giving new meaning to ‘drive it like a rental’, upcoming PC game Notmycar is yet another entry into the annals of battle royale. The difference? You’re in a car. Of some sort. Rather than look for them on the ground, though, the game will put players in vehicles and then drop them out of a plane. Because you can’t have a battle royale game without dropping in from above. Those are the rules. Apparently. Honestly, we’re interested to see how this one’s going to work. It should make for some great Twitch videos, at least for a while. Catch the elevator pitch at the link below. The early access version of the game launches on Steam from 5 April

Source: Skybound Games (YouTube)


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