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The online realm can be scary, especially when it comes to building and maintaining websites. Luckily one of the world’s largest website hosting providers, GoDaddy, has just launched in South Africa. And they’re on a mission to get small South African businesses online.

GoDaddy’s South African service offers domain registrations at a low initial cost (think of it as a launch special), that will go up after a domain has been around for a year. They also offer a host of new domain extensions like .rocks and .space and .club. You know, if .com is too boring for your tastes. It also conveniently offers products and services in rand and includes 24/7 customer care locally.

Run with GoDaddy

GoDaddy’s service includes an easy website builder that was developed to be as user- and mobile-friendly as possible. This will allow users to update and make changes to their website using a smartphone.

Along with its own hosting services, GoDaddy also has WordPress options for hosting, which means users can build a website on WordPress and host through GoDaddy. GoDaddy’s own servers all run on Linux and are priced well enough, so it depends on what the user is looking for.

Certain domain names sold on GoDaddy, including its offerings, are priced from R10/year (notice the sneaky ‘from’), for the first year. Pricing depends on your domain name choice, and the extension (.com, .info, .net etc.). After that, it’ll revert to normal pricing, which also varies. But in the below example, it’ll revert from R10 to R290 per year.

Along with this, you’ll have to pay for monthly hosting services. These consist of various packages, but are also all ‘on sale’ right now. WordPress hosting starts at R67/month, while GoDaddy’s Linux hosting starts at R30/month for the basic package. All of these offers seem very reasonable if you consider the ruling party owes millions on their website. R30 a month is affordable by comparison, yeah?

That said, if you’re with an existing hosting provider and happy or you have domains elsewhere, we don’t see any compelling reason to Gaan Papa.


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