Apple confirms its 25 March event, may announce video streaming service (and more)


We’ve been expecting something of this nature for some time but Apple‘s finally gone and made it official. By ‘it’, we mean the company’s 25 March event, which now has a proper date, time, and location as well as an invitation. It’s show time, according to Apple.

Literally. That’s the tag-line for the company’s special event taking place on 25 March at the Steve Jobs Theatre at Apple’s HQ in Cupertino. We’re not given any other hints as to what’s on the cards but there’s a very important space in those three simple words. “It’s show time” seems to suggest that we’re looking at something television-related. Like a brand new video streaming service, perhaps? Certainly it’s more likely than a movie or theatre production announcement, which would be more likely to use the world ‘showtime’ on the announcement. In our completely unscientific assessment of the invitation (above), that is.


Ars Technica points out that Apple has used this tag line before, to hint at the reveal of the Apple TV back in 2006. Apple’s far more likely to announce something a little less compact this time around. The tech maker has been in talks with all sorts of folks involved in motion picture and series production. A streaming service is potentially coming, with Apple-made productions possibly on the cards. But that’s not all.

Apple might also announce its apparently-pending news subscription service. That one’s struck us as a little weird from the start, what with the odd pricing model the company apparently has in place for participants. By which we mean content providers, rather than subscribers. We’re keen on more detail, though, so Apple can just bring it on.

What we probably won’t see? Apple’s rumoured AR headset. It’s a little too far away and there have been no hints that we’re going to see something this radical from the company. Still, that’d be pretty damned cool.

Source: Ars Technica


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