The Lord of Terror rises: The original Diablo is now available from Good Old Games


The original Diablo, the game that marked the first time many a gamer set foot in Tristram, has returned. It’s now available through Good Old Games, the copy-protection-free source for… well, for old games.

This is the first time that developer Blizzard has made the game available digitally. Previously, players were stuck with digging old CDs out of storage and hoping that they were in good enough condition to allow them to take the fight to the Lord of Terror.

Stay a while…

First, the important stuff. If you want to relive your well-spent youth on a Windows 10 machine, it’s going to cost you $9.99 (about R145). The game has been made compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10 systems and a few bug-fixes have been implemented as well.

And it’s just the beginning of older Blizzard titles making a comeback. The original Warcraft: Orcs and Humans (if you can remember that, you’re… pretty old) is next up, with Warcraft 2 following its release to There’s no information on when those will drop, however.

There’s also no word on Diablo II, which has led to some speculation that Blizzard is prepping a remastered edition (like the upcoming Warcraft III: Reforged) of the still-played RPG. Not gonna lie, we would totally play a Diablo II remake to death.

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