iPhone users will now be able to play remotely on a PS4


Four and a half years ago, Sony rolled out remote play for Android devices, which means that anyone with a PlayStation 4 and an Android phone can play titles remotely using only their phone. Now, finally, Apple device owners can do the same.

The latest update to the PS4 operating system includes the ability to properly sync with iOS devices — iPhones and iPads. Via the PS4 Remote Play app, users can access any game and certain features on the PS4 system from anywhere with an internet connection. Sony first launched remote play for its Xperia Z3 in 2014, so iOS users have been waiting quite a while.

Simply update your PS4, download the app on your Apple phone or tablet, and make sure to pair the devices. We would suggest a third-party controller, as you can’t actually connect your DualShock 4 to an iPhone unless you’ve jailbroken it (and as that voids your warranty, you’ve got to be a special sort of brave to do it… and we don’t mean dropping-the-headphone-jack brave).

We’re not fans of the touchscreen game controls ourselves, especially with shooters. Ideally you’re using a Sony smartphone (or just an Android handset), which will allow you to easily connect a DualShock controller to your phone. Either way, you can now download the PS4 Remote Play app for iOS in the App Store.

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