Gather your melodic hyenas and lions, because Disney+ will have all the hard-to-find classics


Last year, we received confirmation that Disney will launch a streaming service called Disney+. You know what that means, right? At launch, all Disney and Marvel junkies will disappear for an unusually long period.

According to a report from a recent shareholder meeting, the upcoming Disney+ streaming service will include “the entire Disney motion picture library”. This includes everything from TV shows, Pixar and Marvel movies, Disney classics and even titles that they’ve kept in the fabled ‘Vault’.

Now, the Vault is where certain Disney classics go to spend a time out – especially when Disney is planning a remaster or live action version. For example, you won’t be able to find the original Aladdin film for sale anywhere at the moment. Unless some generous soul decides to sell it (second-hand) for a reasonable price online. Otherwise, it’s safely sealed in the Vault.

Disney’s new streaming service will bring many classics out of the Vault and into the realm of streaming. Disney has also started pulling content from other (ahem… competitive) streaming services like Netflix and Amazon. Soon, you’ll access everything Disney via their service.

Disney+ will feature 57 films produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios, which is something to really get excited about if you don’t own all the originals on VHS. It’ll also have the entire Star Wars catalogue, National Geographic shows, as well as Marvel movies (and series, we presume — though Netflix will retain their Marvel series).

Source: Polygon


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