Nintendo’s bringing VR to the Switch with new Labo accessories


Labo, the cardboard DIY kits that Nintendo offers for its Switch console continues to evolve with every new release. This time, it’s got some virtual reality (VR) goodness in store for Switch users.

Nintendo has opted for a different approach with the build-it-yourself VR goggles, by removing the head-strap and inviting people to hold it up by hand. We’ll need to handle these ourselves to see how quickly our arms get tired, but this opens it up for more variety. Which, let’s be honest… is what Labo is all about.

Many VR headsets on the market feature much higher refresh rates and pixel density to enhance realism, while the Switch sits at a 720p 60fps display. We suspect as is usually the case with Nintendo it’s going to be the quality of the gameplay that’s going to make buyers happy to forgive the technical shortcomings.

The Nintendo Labo: VR Kit will launch in two main variations. There’s the full kit that’ll include every expansion, or the basic starter kit, that can be added to with the expansions at a later stage.

The VR-based kits will all go on sale on 12 April in South Africa. Although we don’t have local pricing yet (Nintendo SA tells us it doesn’t have confirmed pricing yet either), we know that the Starter Set + Blaster, as well as the two Expansion kits will cost around the same price (they’re $20 each in the US). The expansions add either a ‘Camera and Elephant’ or ‘Bird and Wind Petal’ to the basic kit. You can also opt for the more expensive, but expansive VR Kit that includes everything from the range, in the US this one’s priced at $80.

Given local pricing for the existing Labo kits hovers around the R1,200 mark, we’re expecting Nintendo’s VR version will do likewise.


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