Experience the Big Bang in augmented reality with Google and CERN


Yes, augmented reality (AR) is now pretty much as widespread as it could be, but we’ve always wondered what real-world applications are actually worth using it for? A few things, it turns out. We might’ve just found the coolest application of AR yet, and it involves the Big Bang.

Google has teamed up with European research organisation CERN to create an augmented reality application that walks you through the Big Bang. Step by step. While the soothing voice of Tilda Swinton guides you through the most notable event in our history, you’re able to experience every step of the Big Bang in your immediate environment. This is all made possible with CERN’s Big Bang in AR app that forms part of an exhibit on Google Arts and Culture.

The app takes you on a 360-degree guided tour that starts with the birth of the universe, followed the formation of the first stars, our solar system and our planet. Throughout this experience, you’ll be able to tap on elements to receive more information and activate the next phase, as well as enter the guide book to read more about that specific stage/happening.

You’ll have a chance to take a ‘Star Selfie’ at the end of your tour to commemorate the experience, with the famous Carl Sagan quote: “We are all made of star stuff.”

The app is available for Android and iOS, you can either download it from Google’s Arts and Culture app, or directly from one of the app stores.

Source: Google


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