Microsoft will likely release their disc-less Xbox One S soon


Some gamers feel that hard-copy games are like owning a physical book — although the smell isn’t as alluring. And, like books, we are looking at a future where a video game disc is a less common event. And the future is now. Better get ready for an all-digital console future, boitjies — because Microsoft is reportedly launching their disc-less console in April 2019.

Microsoft and Sony have hinted at all-digital Xbox and PlayStation consoles for years. And it looks like Xbox has one-upped the competition this time, with no timeline on a similar device from Sony available yet.

According to Windows Central, the Xbox One S “All-Digital Edition” will start taking pre-orders in April. The new device is said to be code-named Maverick, and will offer a “disc-to-digital” program, which will let users turn in physical game discs and convert them to digital downloads. We’re not sure where these services will be handled, in South Africa at least. But then, we don’t have an SA launch confirmation either.

The main benefit of going digital in this case, is that it should be more wallet-friendly. The current Xbox One S costs R5,000, and a disc-less version will definitely make the console more accessible for gamers who haven’t been able to afford one. However, South Africans are in a bit of a weird position. Gamers who are keen on owning a budget console may not have the internet connection to download the games. 

Which might make South Africa a tough nut to crack. Microsoft is trying to lead the way for digital gaming, by promising to build the ‘Netflix for games’, with their service called Project xCloud which will start trials this year. 

We might even see Microsoft announce the Xbox One S “All-Digital Edition” along with their new streaming service beta. Pre-orders should start in April, while consoles will start shipping in May. Stay tuned for a South African timeline, if there is one. 

Source: Windows Central


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