Enable dark mode in Facebook Messenger now by sending an emoji


Dark Mode on smart devices has become somewhat of a phenomenon — some enable it for aesthetic purposes, and some use it for eye comfort. Whether or not you’re a Dark Mode enthusiast, you’re gonna want to enable it in Facebook Messenger. Because it’s fun.

While it’s still rolling out (it seems to be available in SA already), you can enable it by activating a sneaky easter egg instead of digging through the settings menu. The easter egg works on both iOS and Android, so everyone can join in the fun. Here’s what you’ll need to do — and it only involves sending an emoji.

Darken your life

So you’ve enabled Dark Mode on every device and every piece of software that’ll give you the option. Now Messenger gives you the ability to darken your chat-life.

To enable the mode, go to the Facebook Messenger app on your phone (it’s not available for desktop), and send a moon/crescent ( ) emoji to anyone. Tap on the emoji repeatedly, until you see a bunch of crescent moons descending over the screen. You’ll receive a pop-up asking if you would like to enable dark mode. A clickthrough (Turn On In Settings) will take you to the relevant setting to activate it.  

Alternatively, you can tap on your profile picture, and turn on the dark mode toggle from the settings page. Sounds like less of a hassle, but definitely less amusing.

Facebook will eventually roll out a dedicated button through an app update, wethinks. But this route is the most fun you can have changing settings in Facebook Messenger. Does this mean that WhatsApp And Instagram Messages will also have Dark Mode when all the platforms merge? We can only hope (by which we mean: Sure, probably). 

Source and images: Android Police


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