You must have it? Here’s where to pre-order the latest star in Samsung’s Galaxy


Samsung’s latest and greatest smartphone is here at last. Well, it’s nearly here – 8 March, the Galaxy S10’s launch date, is right around the corner and you don’t want to be caught out without one. That’s why just about everyone has Samsung’s newest device family available for pre-order. If you want one on Day One, you’re going to have to reserve it.

Don’t worry much about doing the research. We’ve collected the main contract (and off-contract options) in one place for you. Whether you favour the blue, red, yellow, or black teams, here’s how you can pre-order your very own Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+ or S10e.

Cell C

Cell C has the Galaxy S10e, the Galaxy S10, and the Galaxy S10+ available for pre-order, along with a pair of Samsung’s R3,000 Galaxy Buds thrown in free-of-charge. Initially, pricing was a bit of a mystery but you’re in for many, many options when acquiring one of Samsung’s latest from Cell C. The Galaxy S10 starts at R749pm on the company’s Pinnacle or MediaPlay 1GB TopUp contracts, climbing to R1,299/pm for the same handset on the Premium or MediaPlay 10GB contract.

The full-fat Galaxy S10 begins at R899/pm, also on the Pinnacle or MediaPlay 1GB TopUp contract, maxing out at R1,479/pm on the Premium or MediaPlay 10GB contract. It’s the Galaxy S10+ that has all of the options. The 128GB S10+ starts at R999/pm (Pinnacle or MediaPlay 1GB) and goes all the way up to R2,099/pm if you’re keen on their Premium or MediaPlay 25GB contracts. The 1TB Galaxy S10+ has two different prices, on four contracts. Grab the MediaPlay or Pinnacle 1GB contract and you’ll rock a phone with all the storage for R1,249/pm, opt for the MediaPlay or Pinnacle 3GB contract and you’re paying R1,479/pm


Want to grab a brand-new Samsung S10 variant from the folks in yellow? There are three contract options available – all based on MTN’s Made For Me S contracts. R699pm will get you 350MB of data, 50 monthly minutes, 50 SMSs a month as well as a 24GB Entertainment Pass, 20GB of data (as a once-off) and R500 off a Samsung cover, as well as the Samsung’s Galaxy S10e.

Those exact same options are available for the 128GB Galaxy S10 (which’ll cost you R899pm) and the 128GB Galaxy S10+ (and that’ll cost you R999pm). Shoot on over to MTN’s website to get your order in.


Samsung’s obviously going to be offering the Galaxy S10 family to users without requiring a contract. There is pricing available for everything from the Galaxy S10e to the mighty Galaxy S10+ 1TB.

The Galaxy S10e will set you back R15,999 and the 128GB Galaxy S10 will cost R18,999. Keen on the super-premium Galaxy S10+? The 128GB edition is R20,999, off-contract. The 512GB version is R25,999 and the max-storage 1TB Samsung Galaxy S10+ will set you back R35,999.

Samsung’s pre-order website portal is live. You can register your interest here.


Telkom is your mobile service provider of choice? That’s great, because they’re throwing a whole lot of choice in your direction. There are six contract options available for each of Samsung’s devices: You can pick them up on Telkom’s (deep breath) FreeMe 1GB, FreeMe 2GB, FreeMe 5GB, FreeMe 10GB, FreeMe 20GB, and FreeMe Unlimited bundles.

Each contract features 3,000 free Telkom minutes (bar the 20GB and Unlimited packages, which include 1,500 any-network minutes and 3,000 any-network minutes respectively), 100 Voice Minutes a month, 50 SMSs per day, as well as a mess of extras.

The S10e will start at R699pm (with 1GB data per month) and goes all the way up to R1,599pm (with unlimited data). The S10 starts at R799pm, up to R1,699pm, and the Galaxy S10+ 128GB, you’re paying between R899pm and R1,799pm for the top-of-the-range.


On to the big red machine. Vodacom’s got four contracts available per Samsung device at present: Their Smart XS+, Smart Data 1GB, Smart Data 2GB, and Smart Data 4GB offerings are all available with a Samsung Galaxy S10 device. A very nice touch? No matter which option you choose you’ll get R500 off a Samsung cover for your device, a pair of Galaxy Buds worth R3,000, a once-off 10GB data bundle, and a Top Dog education voucher worth R10,000. That’s a deal, right?

The Galaxy S10e starts at R699pm, climbing to R1,039pm for the 4GB data-per-month plan. The Galaxy S10 is a very reasonable R799pm, up to R1139pm for the biggest Vodacom data option. And the mighty Galaxy S10+ 128GB? That’s a mere R899pm if you’re after the base contract, reaching a high of R1,239pm if you’re the data-hungry type. Not bad, Vodacom. Not bad. Reserve your Samsung upgrade here. 


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