Lego’s Ford Mustang GT is here and it’s irresistibly cool


Want a Ford Mustang but your budget won’t stretch to the repayments for a current one, let alone the 1967 GT Fastback you’ve always dreamed of? Have you considered Lego? Today the Danish toy maker’s version of one of the most iconic muscle cars ever went on sale in South Africa. We were at the unveiling, where we got to peer under the bonnet and, um, flick the tyres.

The Mustang is the latest in a line of Lego Creator Expert series vehicles, which includes a Volksie Bus, VW Beetle, and Aston Martin DB5. Lego also makes a number of car replicas in its Technics line, including the Porsche 911 GT3 RS, which it tells us is one of its best sellers.
Creator and Technics series overlap a little with the Mustang, as the steering wheel actually turns the front wheels, so you can set them just so for that perfect faux motoring magazine cover stance. Lego’s paid close attention to detail with the Mustang GT and says there’s around 90% accuracy in terms of its dimensions when compared to a real-world one. Also, a range of Lego pieces unique to the set ensure the curvature of the roof — among other details — is just right.

Daydream in blue

The company tells us it settled on royal blue for the colour as this seemed the most iconic, and that in addition to the range of number plates supplied among the 1,471 pieces, there are plenty of customisation options, from a supercharger and rear ducktail spoiler to a Lego nitrous-oxide tank to tuck in the boot. Reach under the finished model and you can even roll a wheel to adjust the rear suspension height. As if the Mustang needed to look more aggressive.

If you’re in Johannesburg you can head to the Lego Certified Store in Sandton City for a peek at the Mustang, or to pick one up. Though be warned, there’s limited stock and it’s unlikely to survive the weekend. Alternatively, you can pick one up online over here. In either instance it’s going to set you back R2 300. But then, that’s a whole lot less than the monthly instalment on a full-sized Mustang.


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