Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus pre-orders will receive an exclusive Fortnite skin


Remember last year, when the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was the first mobile phone to launch with Fortnite? Samsung has teamed up with Fortnite again to incentivise people to pre-order their brand new Galaxy S10 Plus device. 

Pre-ordering any of the S10 Plus variations will give users access to an exclusive Fortnite skin that’s K-Pop themed. For those who are not quite sure what sorcery this is, it’s a Korean variation of boy/girl bands that make pop music. This Fortnite skin is specifically modelled after Jung Chanwoo, a member of South Korean K-Pop group iKon.

If you haven’t heard about iKon (in all fairness, we hadn’t before now), they make mostly hip-hop music, with heavy pop influences and the occasional rap-sequence. Chanwoo is the group’s youngest member, and in K-Pop culture, that tends to be the most desirable group member. Because youthfulness is cute… or something. 

That might not be incentive enough to persuade you to lob a whole lot of money at Samsung for their top-tier device, so Samsung is also throwing in Galaxy Buds as part of the deal (with the base-S10 and all the Pluses). These go for R3,000 if bought separately, so it’s a good deal.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus starts at R21,000 for the base device, R25,000 for the 512GB version, and R36,000 for the 1TB version. You could buy a brand new gaming notebook in that price range, but hey, those don’t come with Fortnite skin, now do they?

Source: The Verge


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