Samsung’s Galaxy S10, Galaxy buds appear early in this TV commercial


Wait, Samsung’s gone and leaked their handset early? Say it ain’t so!

Yeah, Samsung’s gone and leaked their handset early. Or someone has. Someone in Norway, specifically. Someone working for a TV station even more specifically. Or, most specifically, someone who possibly used to work for a TV station.

Wait, Norway? What happened in Norway?

Well, a 30-second commercial for the Samsung Galaxy S10, an ad that also showed off the company’s Galaxy Buds, was broadcast a little early in Norway. Our Norwegian is a little shoddy but it doesn’t have to be excellent. The folks who work at (and visit) Stuff are pretty good at iconography so we don’t need words to figure out what’s going on. You can see the whole design and display, with that little hole drilled through the face so the camera/s can peer through. So much for the notch.

What else is there? 

Samsung’s rear triple-camera arrangement? That’s there. Ditto the double front cams. The fingerprint sensor is present too. And the ability to charge another device using Samsung’s newest (as long as said thirsty device supports wireless charging). So is the fact that the Galaxy Buds will charge wirelessly by being placed on the back of the S10. That 30 seconds may have spoiled quite a few surprises. The only thing we haven’t seen proper confirmation for is a new neural processor (which might only arrive later, but we doubt it). The day is young.

But Samsung’s usually consistent about leaking their info, right? 

Right, but broadcasting a TV ad early in a Scandinavian country on the off-chance that someone’s going to be recording it? That’s a metaphysical level of product leaking. We don’t think Samsung meant for this one to come out when and how it did — but we do think we’ll be seeing a longer version of the ad at the company’s San Francisco presentation this evening (our time, morning their time). And this time it’ll likely be in English.

So where can I watch this Norwegian TV spot?

You’ll have to head over to The Verge. One of the website’s readers, Endre Loeset, caught the ad spot on a smartphone camera and The Verge is hosting it now. Which makes sense, we don’t reckon Samsung’s going to leave this one out in the wild so YouTube… will probably battle to keep the ad up. Which is a bit of a weird one for them, usually they’re all about ads.

And the folding phone? That’s still happening, right?

Yeah, that… We’re still waiting for something a little more detailed on Samsung’s folding smartphone but that may have to wait for this evening. Samsung’s usually-leaky ship has been tight as a drum, specs-wise, on this one. What we do have is a name. Noted leaker Evan Blass reckons that the handset will be called The Samsung Galaxy Fold. Seems legit. If unoriginal.

Source: The Verge


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