Why Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones are this close to ruling the world


Time inches ever closer to Samsung’s 2019 Unpacked reveal, but before we find out what Samsung’s got in store for the world for 2019, let’s take a look at why Galaxy smartphones have been on such a world-conquering tour of late.

A bright one

What’s the first thing that you notice about a Samsung Galaxy handset? The screen, of course. Samsung’s been on a roll since before the launch of the Galaxy S6 but it’s the advent of the Galaxy S8 and onwards that saw the lineup really shine. No, really.

Samsung’s Infinity AMOLED display, all 2,960 x 1,440 of it, is the undeniable star of the Galaxy er… galaxy. The depth of black and the colour reproduction made possible by the AMOLED screen results in some of the best visuals you’ll see on a smartphone. Ever. Continual innovation means that the inky panel also supports the newest HDR standards – for when you really need your Netflix or Amazon Prime viewing to pop.

Not just a pretty face

It’s not enough to have an amazing display, you need to surround it by things that are equally beautiful. Samsung’s recent Galaxy smartphones have wound the creative knob up to 11 and then snapped it off.

Pair that excellent screen with a minimalist , nearly bezel-less design and you’ve got the latest in a series of stylish choices from the South Korean brand. The only fault with Samsung’s newest Galaxy smartphones is that it’s becoming increasing difficult to see how they’re going to top whatever it is they did last.

Exy-NOS for the win

Want a smartphone that every bit of mobile software in existence will fail to slow down? Look no further than the Samsung Galaxy series, which has consistently provided more power than we know what to do with. And that’s without recourse to Qualcomm’s processors.

Samsung’s own in-house Exynos range delivers enough raw power to make Intel-sporting desktop computers nervous about their place in the grand scheme of things. Translated into simple mobile terms, you could multitask pretty much everything a Samsung Galaxy is capable of and still battle to detect anything approaching slowdown.

The eyes have it

Want to capture it so you can appreciate it later? You’re either a zookeeper, a fisherman, or the owner of a Samsung Galaxy smartphone. Consistently fielding one of the highest-end smartphone cameras on the planet will give you a bit of confidence and that’s exactly what Samsung’s Galaxy family has.

Since 2016, Samsung has dominated the cellphone camera charts with excellent sensors bolstered by an intelligent collection of software features. Low-light performance is second to none and Samsung’s cameras have a little something in common with their displays. We just don’t know how Samsung’s going to top them.


You can’t have everything. Ever heard that? We suspect that Samsung hasn’t, because it’s bent on giving its Galaxy smartphone users everything they could possibly want. And perhaps a little extra on top of that.

Samsung’s kept microSD support and the 3.5mm headphone, while dropping an IP68 rating into a smartphone that doesn’t need its ports covered. There are several biometric unlock methods (fingerprint, iris scanner and facial recognition) as well as more traditional security options built into the high-end Galaxys and that’s without even glancing at features like wireless charging, the Bixby assistant, and intelligent software tweaks. As with so many of Samsung’s Galaxy features, the tricky part is figuring out where they’re heading next.

Would you like to know more?

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