Light Start – TCL’s folding phone, LG’s lack of one, Samsung stops Blu-raying, and Tolkien


Chinese company TCL has five folding devices in the works — including a wrist-worn one

And the march towards flexible smart devices continues. TCL, the Chinese company that make smartphones for BlackBerry and Alcatel, has revealed that it has several form factors in mind for upcoming folding tech. Among them (and seen in the image above) are two tablets and two smartphones, as well as a flexible wrist-worn phone that looks like it could serve time in a Star Trek episode. The five options are, however, not final, meaning that TCL may decide at some point to drop or expand items in the lineup. Whatever arrives first, though, odds are we’ll see it by next year. The company has plans to drop its first foldable tech into the market by 2020, though we suspect it’ll be drop-tested long before then.

Source: CNET

LG willing to roll up TVs, won’t launch a folding smartphone this year

Sometimes we don’t understand LG. They’ll make something really revolutionary when it comes to TVs but when it comes to their smartphones, the company seems afraid to take any risks — something that has led to the company frequently feeling a year behind the competition. LG’s president Kwon Bong-Suk said that they investigated releasing a folding smartphone (like just about everyone else in 2019) but have opted to delay any plans in that line. As quoted by the Korea Times, Kwon said “… LG’s main issue in smartphone business is to regain its market position. Considering this situation, it is too early for LG to launch a foldable smartphone. In terms of technology, we are fully ready to respond depending on consumers’ reactions (to foldable smartphones).” Which, on the face of it, is the sensible move. But if folding phones do take off in 2019, LG will be left playing catch-up again.

Source: Korea Times

Samsung’s getting out of the Blu-ray player game

It’s probably time. Samsung has confirmed that it’s stopping production of new 4K Blu-ray players. Not that we have ever actually purchased a Blu-ray player (pretty sure a game console doesn’t count) but it seems that they’re going to stop rolling out. From Samsung, anyway, and for the American market specifically (kinda like how they stopped sending South Africa laptop computers in 2014). It’s thought that the company will continue production of existing models for the moment but that new models are not on the cards. The reasoning for Samsung’s move is murky but it’s thought that the company doesn’t see itself pulling much more market share from Panasonic and Sony, which together dominate the Blu-ray player market. Or it could mean that Samsung will likely duck out of the fight to concentrate on something more profitable. Time will tell but physical media hasn’t been a safe bet for a while — unless you’re into vinyl. Then it’s fine, apparently.

Source: Forbes

From fiction to fact: Tolkien biopic arrives a little later this year

You’ve watched The Lord of the Rings and the (improbably long) three-part presentation of The Hobbit. If you’re still in need of some messages from Middle Earth, upcoming film Tolkien could have just what you’re looking for. Telling the story of J.R.R Tolkien’s earlier life, through his time in World War One and up to the creation of one of the most important works (fantasy and just plain ole ‘written’) of the 20th century, this one’s for the obsessed. We’re hoping that the film actually explores Tolkien’s life rather than trying to hit blockbuster notes. Guess we’ll see in May this year. Catch the trailer at the link below — it’s got a bit of a Finding Neverland vibe to it, with some suitably grown-up visuals.

Source: Fox (YouTube)


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