Samsung’s upcoming wearables leak (through Samsung’s own app)


We treat a lot of tech leaks with suspicion — not because they’re inaccurate, but because increasingly we don’t believe they’re actually leaks. Sure, sometimes leaks happen, but lately those in the mobile and wearables sectors seem pretty deliberate. But sometimes a leak is actually a leak and we’d like to believe that this is one of those times. If only because the circumstances are so weird. Samsung’s upcoming range of wearable tech, which should be announced alongside a whole mess of smartphones next week, was leaked yesterday. By Samsung’s own wearables app.

Samsung’s Galaxy Wearable app (which was previously known as Samsung Gear) outed several Samsung products ahead of next week’s announcement. The company’s Galaxy Watch Active smartwatch, Galaxy Fit and Galaxy Fit e fitness trackers and Galaxy Buds all currently appear on the app, though they’re only as setup options at present, there’s no specific info on any of the actual tech the wearables contain.

Not that the info is needed, in most cases. The Galaxy Watch Active leaked recently, under the name Galaxy Sport, and we’ve been seeing images of the Galaxy Buds all over the place in the past week as well. The only real surprise is the Galaxy Fit and Fit e, which are some of Samsung’s proper fitness trackers. You know, Fitbit-style tech. The existence of the Galaxy Fit was known, thanks to trademark info that was uncovered, but the app shows the first actual images of the devices. They look… nice. Waterproof, even (we hope).

They’ll look even nicer in person, and we’re expecting to see them at Samsung’s Unpacked 2019 event next week. Samsung’s thought to have at least three flagship Galaxy S10 devices in hand, plus their folding smartphone, and all of these little critters. If there’s anything else on the menu, we’re probably going to feel pretty… well, Stuffed.

Source: SamCentral (Twitter) via The Verge


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