Ford (yes, that Ford) has come up with a tech-powered bed that keeps each sleeper in their lane


Technology bleeds. Not in the red-and-white-cell sense (yet) but development in one area can spread to another quite easily. Case in point: Motor company Ford has used its so-called ‘lane-keeping’ tech to create a new sort of bed. A bed that can keep each occupant on their own side, thanks to a conveyor belt and a few sensors… in addition to the smarts that keep Ford’s cars in their lanes.

Ford’s lane-keeping bed keeps partners on their own sides of the bed by revolving around when its pressure sensors detect a little nocturnal encroachment taking place. Rather than facing a night that end with  you waking up balanced on a precipice, sleepers will find themselves firmly situated in the centre of the sleeping apparatus. At least, that’s the idea. And it’s a rather cool one.

It’s also supposed to be neat little analogue of Ford’s in-lane technology, which is designed to keep an eye on your vehicle’s position based on road markings. Makes sense. As with the bed, the corrections to keep you on-course are minor, gentle nudges that keep everyone involved very happy indeed. Only Ford doesn’t use pressure sensors for vehicles. If you’re using pressure sensors to keep a car away from obstacles, you’re doing it wrong.

If you’re in need of your very own Ford lane-keeping bed, you’re in for a bit of a wait. The company isn’t planning on releasing the sleep-ware to the public, relegating it to the same place as the company’s noise-cancelling dog kennel and car-simulating baby crib. Cool ideas, but not really widely available.

Source: Ford (YouTube)


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