Samsung really wants you to know that it’s launching a folding smartphone next week


Samsung’s first Unpacked event for 2019 promises to be a big one. It’s scheduled for 20 February this year, a short while ahead of MWC 2019, and it’s widely expected to contain all the details about the Galaxy S10 (and friends). But also coming is Samsung’s new folding smartphone and the company really, really wants you to be aware of that fact.

So much so that the company has released a new teaser for Unpacked 2019. It’s a little obscure, if your Korean is as rusty as ours, but the meaning becomes clear soon enough. The fateful legend ‘The Future Unfolds’ appears on-screen after the Korean and English text does a spot of wrapping around itself. Like a folding phone, right?

There’s not much else to see here. Or is there?

One thing that Samsung’s new teaser video does is put its invitation (and its most prominent branding for the February Unpacked event) into a more understandable context. The blue-to-purple gradient bisected by a black line can be considered a representation of Samsung’s folding smartphone. That wasn’t immediately obvious the first time around but seeing it in motion… yeah.

The main thing is that Samsung seems very excited by their upcoming announcement. Given that we’ve yet to properly see what its folding phone entails, we’re pretty excited too.

Source: Samsung (YouTube)


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