This is Acer’s R250,000 Predator Thronos gaming chair


Most gamers worth their salt would give just about anything to have the ultimate gaming setup… and Acer has just the thing worth dreaming of. Acer’s Predator Thronos is a full-fat, spec-heavy gaming beast designed to cradle fully grown gamers in its loving, err, chair. We say fully grown because you’ll likely need your life savings to purchase one.

The Thanos… err, we mean Thronos gaming chair is essentially a gaming chair (or, if you prefer, gaming throne) on steroids with a few overgrown limbs. It has a giant overhead brace that supports three 27in curved WQHD 144Hz G-Sync Predator Z1 monitors, along with various connection points to connect a Predator gaming PC. It’s set in a steel structure with a motorised cockpit that allows for adjustments of your seat-orientation and screen setup. Oh, and what would a piece of gaming kit be without customisable RGB lighting.

As for the chair itself, it can vibrate in sync with the game you’re playing or the music you’re listening to, recline up to 140 degrees, and includes foot, leg, head and neck rests for ultimate comfort. Serious gamers need relax with some Minecraft after a long day of battling it out in Apex Legends, right?

Essentially, you can tweak the whole chair experience to match your personal preferences. Yes, we’re calling it an experience, because there’s no other person holder we’ve encountered that can offer this level of comfort and interactivity.

Pricing on this monster depends on the PC specs you opt for, obviously. The model we got to check out has an Acer Predator Orion 9000 gaming PC with two Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti graphics cards and a Predator bridge to keep everything connected. This one goes for around R250,000. The best part?

These machines are available in South Africa directly from Acer SA. We’re waiting on Acer SA to send us exact prices for the different variations of the Orion PC/Thronos kit, and will update accordingly, but if you want one you’ll need to place an order. Acer’s not going to just bring these beasts in and hope someone will buy them later, you know?

[UPDATE: There are two variants of the Orion PC, the first has an i7 Intel processor, and goes for R250,000. The second, has an i9 Intel processor and retails for R265,000]


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