Samsung leak: Galaxy earbuds could charge wirelessly via the S10


It looks like Samsung might beat Apple to producing wireless charging earbuds. In this case they’re called the Galaxy Buds, and we expect them to launch with the upcoming Galaxy S10 on 20 February.

Leaked images from German tech website, WinFuture, show the Galaxy Buds in a case, resting on the back of what we believe to be the Galaxy S10. We’ve seen enough leaks to know about that sweet pearl white colour variation.

This image suggests you likely be able to charge the Galaxy Buds wirelessly on the back of the S10. We’re gathering that the bud-case will support inductive charging, and will in turn charge the buds through induction or contact points on the buds themselves. The back on the device would also need to be all glass to support wireless charging.

Given the last few Samsung flagships have supported wireless charging, and given Huawei’s Mate 20 Pro introduced the novelty of reverse wireless charging, this all make a lot of sense.

That’s about as much as we know and can gather from a single leaked image. If the wireless charging turns out to be true, Samsung would’ve officially beat Apple to launch an inductive bud-case.

Then, we know that the Samsung’s upcoming S10+ will support 5G (which is kind of useless in SA right now) as well as 1TB storage, assuming Samsung includes their newly developed chip. We’ll see, soon enough: The launch is planned for 20 February. We can hardly wait.

Source: WinFuture


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