HP’s VR headset, codenamed Copper, wants to be easy on the eyes


Virtual reality is coming to homes. Or, at least, it’s getting closer than it has at any point in its surprisingly lengthy history. The next arrival may be via computer maker HP, which has a new Windows Mixed Reality headset on the way. Codenamed ‘Copper’, the in-development VR hardware has one thing in particular going for it — resolution. Lots and lots of resolution.

HP hasn’t officially announced the hardware but website Road to VR has gone hands-on with a pre-production model. The highlight of that early test? A pair of high-res screens that should help make VR more ‘Reality’ than ‘Virtual’. That’s not all that Copper has going for it but having a resolution of 2,160 x 2,160 (for each eye) isn’t going to hurt.

Better. Stronger. Faster

As Road to VR points out, currently the highest resolution in a Windows Mixed Reality headset is 1,440 x 1,600 – a title held by Samsung’s Odyssey+ headset. Copper represents quite the upgrade.

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The high-res dual displays will reduce the screen door effect that occurs when you get too close to a screen but HP is also tweaking their VR candidate in other ways. Ergonomics and weight are being improved — though the image above isn’t final, it does show how the company plans to enhance wearability. The top-strap design should distribute weight more evenly than a standard headband.

When will we see it? Since the device isn’t actually official yet, that’s anyone’s guess. Once HP gets around to giving Copper a proper name, we’ll likely see availability and pricing details turn up.

Source: Road to VR


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