How to use Facebook’s newest feature: Unsending FB Messenger missives


We’ve been expecting it for a while (ever since the Zuck got caught using it without us), and now it’s finally here. Facebook has rolled out the ability to unsend Facebook Messenger messages to everyone using the Messenger app.

Deleting mistaken Messenger missives is hardly the most difficult process to wrap your head around. If you’ve ever deleted a message on WhatsApp, the operations are identical. The surroundings are not. Just long-press the faulty communication in question and you’ll be presented with the option to delete it — either for everyone or just for you.

The ‘Remove for Everyone’ option is for when you’ve made a horrendous mistake, the kind that jeopardises your social life and/or continued existence. The ‘Remove for Me’ option is for when you really want to stop looking at an example of someone else’s idiocy and it’s not subject to the Messenger deletion Terms and Conditions.

There are some Ts&Cs for ‘Remove for Everyone’. You’ve got ten minutes to delete your Messenger mistake, after which it’ll be replaced with a notification that you deleted something. So folks will know you screwed up, but they won’t know what it looked like. It’s a bit like removing a sketchy tattoo, really.

Users will be able to remove bungled bulletins on Android, iOS, and the web version of Messenger as of today. To delete messages on the web version, hit up the () icon and select ‘Remove‘.


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