Link your Huawei wearables with Discovery Vitality and earn points


Today, Huawei South Africa announced their partnership with Discovery Vitality. This means you’ll now be able to earn Vitality points from Huawei fitness trackers and smartwatches. Time to get off the couch, hey?

Discovery Vitality gives users special benefits and rewards in exchange for getting fit… or, depending how you look at it, in exchange for their personal fitness data. Fitness trackers have made that transaction so much more convenient. Even if having a permanent monitor on your wrist that reports back to your medical aid is… a little bit creepy.

Track my life away

Vitality has announced support for a range of Huawei fitness trackers, including the Pedometer, Band 2 Pro, Band 3 Pro, the Watch GT and the Watch 2. The range includes everything from a simple step-tracker to full-blown smartwatch, and they all link with the Huawei Health mobile app. The app is available for both Android and iOS, meaning Apple users looking to save some cash can get in on the fun, too.

Huawei’s health app tracks and accumulates data on steps, heart-rate (provided the device has the capability), exercise and sleep. Anyone looking to earn Vitality points needs a device that has heart-rate tracking abilities, because otherwise for all they know you might’ve just attached your tracker to your dog’s collar and played a long game of fetch in the park.

In order to earn Vitality Points using a Huawei wearable, users need to download the Discovery app for Android or iOS and link it to their Huawei Health app. Users that log between 5,000 and 9,999 steps a day earn 50 Vitality points and those who log more than 10,000 steps a day earn 100 Vitality points. Users can also earn up to 300 points for heart rate workouts.

The new partnership also includes the Discovery ‘Device Booster’ promotion — which means you’ll be able to buy a Huawei tracker from certain stores and (eventually) receive 75% of the purchase price back as long as you accomplish certain fitness goals. This offer is only available from Sportsmans Warehouse and Totalsports.

But I’d like a Huawei

Huawei fitness bands and smartwatches have been available globally since 2015, but only officially made their way to SA late last year. Now they offer a wide range of fitness trackers and smartwatches locally, with plans to expand the lineup soon.

Right now, you can use any Huawei tracker or smartwatch that has heart-rate tracking with your Discovery Vitality app to earn points. Discovery has been notorious for changing their lineup of compatible devices — witness them dropping support for Tom Tom devices last month, for example. 

The Discovery-ready Huawei lineup includes the the Band 2 Pro for R1,300, the Band 3 Pro (that feature up to seven-day battery with GPS enabled) for R1,900, and the Watch GT (that features up to 14 days of uptime… with the GPS enabled) that ranges between R5,000 and R5,500.


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