Get double data with MTN’s “Double Your Bundle” promotion and save on OOB


From tomorrow, prepaid MTN users will receive up to double their data and voice top-ups. That’s in addition to the yellow one slashing their out-of-bundle data rates by up to 75% for prepaid users (it’s about time). The promotion will last until the end of March — long enough that maybe you’ll finally get what you pay for with data-bundles.

First up, the data rate discount: MTN customers who don’t currently use data bundles will pay 29c/MB, while users who do get their hands on a data bundle will pay 49c/MB as their out-of-bundle rate. Those who pay the 29c/MB rate will see themselves switch to the 49c/MB rate once they start using data bundles. In other words, let’s not get too excited, because while MTN is understandably trying to incentivise customers to buy data bundles rather than only pay for what they use, it’s still penalising loyalty.

“We have consistently been reducing the cost to communicate in recent years, but we want to do more for our customers and by tackling the issue of OOB pricing, we know we are addressing a real pain point for the millions of South Africans that support MTN,” says MTN SA CEO, Godfrey Motsa.

How to get double data

No, this is not a drill — with data prices continuously on the rise in South Africa, everyone is looking out for cheaper services. Some have opted for services like Rain and Cell C LTE — but cheaper data from your existing network is ideal.

To access the promotion you’ll need be on the MTN network, obviously. Then dial *142# and select either Double Data or Double Voice. You’ll then be prompted with three options (e.g. 500MB bundle), so choose the one you’d like to purchase, and you’ll be credited with the same amount of data/minutes on top of your purchased amount for free.

The promotion will start rolling out to MTN customers at midnight tonight, and could take up to seven days to reflect for everyone. So be patient, free data doesn’t come quick. Apparently.


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