Apple could have four new iPads and a 7th-gen iPod Touch headed our way soon


It’s only been a few short months since Apple’s last iPad announcement, and even shorter since they were launched here in SA, but we may be in for another iPad reveal soon. One consisting of four new iPads (well, possibly just one or two variants) and even a new, 7th-generation iPod Touch.

The folks over at MacRumours first reported on the handful of iOS 12.2 beta references revealing the existence of four new iPads. The references were found by developer Steven Troughton-Smith and detail new iPads (iPad 11,1 though to iPad 11,4). Two of the devices appear cellular and the others WiFi-based. A mention of an also previously-unseen iPod, “iPod 9,1”, was also seen. The Verge points out that the 6th-gen iPod Touch is identified as ‘iPod 7,1’, meaning this iPod is likely something completely new.

Troughton-Smith said that none of the devices found would feature Apple’s FaceID. He also speculated that the in-code mentions concern an upcoming 9.7in slate and an iPad Mini 5. The latter makes sense, as the range is long overdue an update.

Apple recently registered seven new iPad devices with the Eurasian Economic Commission Database (models A2123, A2124, A2126, A2153, A2154, A2133, and A2152). It’s thought that these devices are a refreshed Apple iPad Mini as well as a new 9.7in iPad. There are no further details beyond the filing but taken alongside the new list of iPads in the recent iOS beta? All signs point towards a new Apple announcement soon. Apple, as is customary, isn’t saying anything. Yet.

Source: MacRumours


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