Realm Royale enters open beta on PS4 and Xbox One


Whether you enjoy playing battle royale games or not, the game mode has taken the games industry by storm with everyone from small dev studios to massive titles wanting in on the action. Now Hi-Rez Studios (who made the shooter games, Paladins, Paladins Strike and Smite), have built a battle royale game called Realm Royale, and it’s just entered open beta status.

Drop into the Realm

Like Hi-Rez’s other titles, Realm Royale is free to download and play. They’ve incorporated a Battle Pass-system that players can purchase to unlock skins and cosmetic items as you level up. To sweeten the launch deal quite a bit, Hi-Rez is offering a free battle pass for PS Plus subscribers.

Realm Royale includes a new Battle Pass called Steel and Shadow. All content that can be unlocked in the Pass is based on pirates and ninjas. For obvious reasons. Well, obvious to someone. They’re pretty random, right?

Stuff has had access to the Realm Royale Closed Beta for about a month now, and the game has a lot to offer — especially after the latest update.

If you can’t cope with lightning-fast building in Fortnite, and can’t keep up with insane quick-scoping in Call of Duty’s Blackout, Realm Royale offers what might feel like a more level playing field… for the most part.


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