Netflix pricing won’t change in South Africa for now


So, Netflix US is getting more expensive, you say? Well, Netflix users in South Africa won’t see a price hike just yet.

A new report by The Guardian mentions that Netflix US is raising monthly subscription prices with between 13% and 18%. The increase comes after Netflix has invested a lot of money they don’t technically have in new content to keep newcomers on the streaming scene at bay.

The announcement didn’t backfire too badly though — their shares rose as investors saw this as a great way to increase revenue. More money = happier investors. Netflix also doesn’t seem too bugged that it might turn users away.

Honestly, we also think that a small price increase won’t send current or potential customers running. Netflix invest in great original shows for a reason — Netflix is the only place you can get it.

Luckily Netflix SA won’t see a price increase just yet. We reached out to a local Netflix representative who says, “Price increases are specific to each country and the US increase does not influence or indicate a global [or local]price change.”

In other words… you can keep on bingeing at the going rate. For now at least. Everything gets more expensive eventually.


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