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Welcome to 2019. Technically we’ve been in the new year for a while but in Stuff Magazine terms it’s been 2019 since the end of November 2018. Most of our time towards the end of 2018 was dedicated to our Jan-Feb 2019 issue’s headline feature — the Stuff Magazine Gadget Awards for 2018. That’s not an easy matter to decide. There’s screaming, shouting, minor acts of vehicular sabotage… and that’s just to decide the Budget Smartphone of the Year. Then we have to do it all again for the remaining fifteen categories. But we got though it, in few enough pieces to bring you the 2018 Gadget Award winners. Find them all in our first magazine for 2019, on shelves now.  

Apple’s got a new crop for you to lust after as 2019 starts in earnest. There’s a new iPad Pro or two to check out and a (finally!) refreshed Apple Macbook Air. We’ve taken our first looks at Apple’s newest arrivals. Whether it’s gaming or using Photoshop, the iPad Pro (2018) claims to be the most powerful thing you can use short of a) a dedicated games console or b) a dedicated graphics workstation. As for the Air, how does Retina and a new alloy unibody sound? Bit like an android assembly line, to be honest, but don’t worry — Mark Zuckerberg hasn’t gone anywhere near this one. Is it going to be worth shelling out for an upgrade? Find out in the Jan-Feb issue of Stuff.

Do you want to make Huawei’s Mate 20 Pro smartphone even better? Is such a thing even possible? We’re here to tell you that it totally is possible and, what’s more, we’re going to tell you how to do it. Whether it’s adding some peripheral tech (like a new charger, case, or dock), the right apps to really stretch your handset, or maximising your skills by diving into the arcane arts that are the infrequently-accessed settings… we’ve got all the tips you need to improve Huawei’s biggest phone of 2018. Find these  helpful hints (and more) in the Jan-Feb Stuff Magazine.

You know what’s under-appreciated? Toast. Toast is the great leveller, the foodstuff you turn to when you’re feeling ill or just want something to balance bacon and eggs on. There are even gluten-free options (for the wheat-intolerant) if you really must get your crispy bread on but don’t like all the bloating. What’s missing? The toaster, of course. Stuff has collected ten of the best, from basic four-slice loaf-lifters to high-end, stylish (and expensive) Smeg bread-browners. We’ve also included some tips for when you’re out shopping for some toaster hardware that hasn’t been included on our list. Just because it’s toast doesn’t mean it can’t be high-tech. And delicious.

Is that all? No, that isn’t all. Stuff Magazine’s Jan-Feb 2019 is packed to the gills (or rafters, if you’re allergic to seafood) with all the best in tech. Want a smartphone that plays games? Got those. Want an app to age your images? Got those too. Need a digital camera that will dent a trust-fund? How about some suggestions on what to stream this month? Perhaps some fitness gear to get your 2019 off to a blood-pumping start? All of those are present and accounted for, as well as a whole lot more. Find all of the above, and loads more, in the Jan-Feb Stuff Magazine — in stores now. 


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