Light Start – Xiaomi’s triple, Huawei’s New Year, Nokia’s five-cam, and the Punisher returns


Xiaomi possibly working on a triple-screened folding phone

Here’s quite a claim for you to start the year with — Chinese tech-maker Xiaomi is reportedly working on a folding device of their very own. A device that uses three screens instead of just two, but its existence does kinda hinge on a poorly-lit video being completely true. The video, apparently showing Xiaomi’s tech in action, was posted by noted leaker Evan Blass. Blass wasn’t able to confirm that the folding phone was an actual thing, however, leaving us with possibly one of the best-looking fakes we’ve seen in a long time. Or a very early look at Xiaomi’s upcoming folding smartphone tech, but that remains to be confirmed. We’ll keep you posted.

Source: @evleaks

Huawei starts off the new year with some iPhone-flavoured issues

Huawei has had a slightly unpleasant start to the new year, with the company catching some flak for its New Year’s post on Twitter — which seemed to have been posted by Huawei staffers using iPhones. The mistake (which tends to show up on Twitter) was quickly corrected but not before the internet was able to capture screenshots of the slip-up. According to Reuters, Huawei explained the issue by saying that the “…mistake occurred when outsourced social media handler Sapient experienced “VPN problems” with a desktop computer so [it]used an iPhone with a roaming SIM card in order to send the message on time at midnight.” Which is a plausible explanation, but not one that helped those responsible for the offending tweet. The two workers responsible were fined and demoted within the company. One of those was apparently the company’s head of digital marketing. Social media: serious business if you’re a er… business.

Source: Bloomberg

Nokia’s five-camera phone has leaked, so of course we’ve taken a look at it

Meet Nokia’s Nokia 9 Pureview, the weird five-camera phone that Nokia announced last year. New images of the device leaked over the festive season and were subsequently shared everywhere. The main picture doing the rounds is the one you see above, which looks to be a press render of Nokia’s odd new flagship. Leaker Evan Blass has been busy this holiday but not as busy as some others. Want a quick overview of the device? MySmartPrice has a short video outlining the phone at the link below, combining the leaked images with a raft of specs for the upcoming device. There’s even an estimated price: $800 (around R12,000). What we don’t know yet is an official launch date — that’ll likely turn up soon

Source: MySmartPrice

Netflix drops the date for The Punisher S2 — Get psyched for 18 January

Netflix has been on a bit of a killing spree, shooting down its Marvel shows one by one — including the one that started it all, Daredevil. There are a couple of survivors (at this point) and its fitting that one of these is The Punisher... though we’re expecting a cancellation notice for that one some time this year. There is going to be at least one more season, however, and Netflix has announced when that season will kick off. January 2019 will be closing with a bang, with season 2 of The Punisher going live from 18 January. That is, according to a teaser video Netflix released which also gives us some idea of who Frank Castle is going up against this time. If you want to check out the reveal video for yourself, you can find it at the link below.

Source: Netflix (YouTube)


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