Everyone can play Fortnite Creative Mode right now for free


Ever wish you can just play Fortnite without dying with every first encounter? Yeah, we do too. Fortnite’s Creative Mode is available to everyone for free now, and is essentially Minecraft meets forts.

This Creative Mode takes the building of structures in Fortnite to the next level. Instead of building structures anywhere in the world as you play, Creative Mode gives each player their own island. On this island, you can build whatever your heart desires.

Once you’re done building your own mini map, complete with buildings and forts, you can invite up to 15 friends (16 players in total) to your island for a proper game of Fortnite. Those friends can also walk around your island and tweak your designs at will to create an island made uniquely by you and your friends.

Additionally, your island can be submitted for inclusion into Fortnite’s main Battle Royale map. If you make the cut, the island will show up in an area of the map called The Block. Essentially they’re looking for the best builder then?

The Creative Mode is available for everyone now, and can be found in the free Fortnite game.


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